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Hyperion 300™ Illumination System

Hyperion300tm High Intensity Small Optical Fiber Illumination brochure
The Leading Technology Platform for Small Optical Fiber Illumination

The Hyperion 300™ illuminator delivers cool, high-lux illumination that can be efficiently coupled into the smallest light channels. Its patent-pending design integrates light from varied sources so that the output can be optimized for each application. The power and versatility of this illuminator allow it to be coupled with fibers of the smallest size, enabling the use of much
smaller endoscopes, as well as fiber bundles and millimeter-sized light channels. This flexibility makes it ideal for any video scope application.

  • High-intensity source can deliver up to 20 times the light of ordinary sources in channels as small as 170 microns in diameter
  • Flexible light engine allows users to include or block desired wavelengths, from IR through visible to UV
  • Narrowband illumination can produce sharper images and better contrast, and facilitate identification of key features such as malignant cells
Suggested Applications
  • Flexible and rigid video scopes, such as:
    • Urethroscopes
    • Bronchoscopes
    • Esophagoscopes
    • Cystoscopes
    • Laryngoscopes
  • Minimally invasive surgical platforms
  • Chandeliers for ophthalmic surgery
  • Light guides for cardiothoracic platforms
  • Other medical and industrial endoscopic applications
See the Nathaniel Group’s feature article in Biophotonics, “Light Source Helps Endoscopes Get Smaller and Smaller.” The article discusses high intensity illumination from small fibers for In Vivo medical lighting.

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