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Miniature Laser Range Finder for Bow Hunting

Laser Range Funder
Creating a Miniaturized Laser Range Finder on Accelerated Timetable

Customer Challenge:

A laser range finder for bow hunters allows incredibly accurate distance targeting when it is most necessary. Traditional range finders are large and expensive to produce, and require undesired arm movement during use making them unsuitable for archery.

Nathaniel Approach:

We miniaturized and reduced costs with a quick production turnaround.

We were approached to design and build a smaller, less expensive laser rangefinder by one of the international giants in consumer optics.

A miniaturized design was developed while reducing costs and delivering thousands of units in time for seasonal demand within six months.

This lightweight laser range finder is easily attached to a bow and uses a fingertip activated button to silently take measurements accurate to +/- 1 yard. The Yardage PRO BOW uses an LCD display for the result and automatically powers down to extend battery life when not in use. The Yardage PRO BOW is water and shock resistant and can easily handle the deepest backwoods buck hunting around.

 Customer Feedback:

“For several years now, Bushnell Performance Optics and Nathaniel Group have had a very good partnership, where as BPO has been sourcing electronic products, specific for the sporting goods market. In those years, BPO has always been happy with the performance of Nathaniel Group. They have created some very user friendly products that have sold very well. This could not have happened if Nathaniel Group had not been there from development through sales and service.”

Jacob Hermansen
Bushnell Performance Optics